Sunday, August 31, 2014

Family Day of SK Putrajaya Presint 14

Venue: Paya Indah Westlands, Dengkil
Family Day of SK Putrajaya Presint 14

Wedding planner in Malaysia KL Selangor

If you trust we can deliver a unique event styling for your special day, why don't you give us a call and we can discuss on our deliverable according to your budget.

Pelamin / Dais Decor 
- Own residence or under the canopy starts from RM2,500 
- Hall or stage starts from RM5,000

Photobooth from RM500 to RM1500

Candy & Dessert Buffet from RM600 to RM1500

Canopy / Tent 
- Arabian canopy 20ft x 20ft with scallops, underlayer, chandelier, industrial standfan, seating with chair cover for 40 pax and a buffet table with skirting RM800 per unit
- Arabian canopy 20ft x 20ft with scallops, ceiling fan, seating with chair cover for 40 pax and a buffet table with skirting RM600 per unit
Arabian canopy 20ft x 20ft with scallops, ceiling fan, seating with plastic chairs for 40 pax and a buffet table with skirting RM400 per unit
(Transportation around Klang valley area RM80)

FNB Catering Package
- 100 pax RM28 per pax
- 500 pax RM18 per pax
- 1000 pax RM13 per pax

Nasi briyani/minyak (80%) Nasih Putih (20%)
Ayam masak kerutuk/merah
Daging masak hitam/briyani/kurma
Dhalcha campur
Acar rampai/jelatah
Papadom & Sambal
Orange kordial
Bubur manis

Main Table Menu (10 Pax)
Roast chicken
Ikan Siakap Sweet Sour
Udang Panjat/Berhias
Telur Puyuh/Chicken Ball Arrangement
Fruit Arrangement
Puding Koktel

Guest Buffet Table Set Up (buffet style)
Main Table Set Up
VIP Serving Dome (2 set)
VIP Table Set Up (2 set)
Waiter (100:1)
Waiter VIP Table
Main Table Menu for 10 pax

BBQ Whole Roast Lamb - from RM1,000 
Ice cream mover - RM500

Entertainer - from RM800 per person
Live Band - from RM3,000
Emcee - from RM1,500

Premium Pelamin

Kami menyediakan pelamin murah dan harga berpatutan terkini dengan pelbagai jenis hiasan untuk memenuhi impian raja sehari anda. Kami juga boleh bertolak ansur dari segi harga jika sekiranya bajet anda terhad.

We are a wedding planner who provides wedding decorations / pelamins, and arranged for the venue and F&B which are reasonably priced according to your budget to fulfill you dreams to be the bride and groom on your beautiful wedding day. We can discuss with you the pricing to suit your budget.

Kami mengacarakan majlis perkahwinan anak Dr Abu. We arranged for the wedding of Dr Abu's son. It was a beautiful setting.

Pelamin 2 RM5,000
Pelamin 3 RM4,800
Pelamin 4 RM5,000
Pelamin Walkway 5 RM300
Pelamin 6 RM4,500
Pelamin 7 RM4,500

Pelamin 8 RM4,300

Pelamin 9 RM5,500
Pelamin 10 RM5,500
Pelamin seat 11 RM500

Pelamin walkway Malay  12 RM500
Pelamin 13 Istana Melayu RM5,000
Pelamin 14 English Street RM5,500
Pelamin 15 RM4,500
Pelamin 16 RM4,500
Pelamin 17 English Bouquets RM5,000

Pelamin 18 walkway RM500
Pelamin 19 White Forest view a RM5,500
Pelamin 19 White Forest view b RM5,500
Pelamin 20 Romantika  RM5,500
Pelamin 21 Hantaran RM200
Pelamin 22 RM5,000
Pelamin 23 Bollywood Arabian RM5,200
Pelamin 24 Rumah  RM3,500
Pelamin 25 Rumah RM4,000
Pelamin 26 Istana Melayu RM5,000
Pelamin 27 Roses Arch RM3,500

Pelamin 28 RM3,850
Pelamin 29 Rumah Roses Wall RM3,8500

Pelamin 30 Garden Walls RM5,500
Pelamin 31 RM5,500
Pelamin 32 Walkway RM500

Pelamin 33 Hanging Gardens RM5,500