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We have 6 years experience in organising Annual Dinners and Family Days. We will take care of everything for your company so that your committee do not have to do much. We have done 100-1000 pax.

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Family Day

Lee Hishamuddin, Allen & Gledhill Family Day


Launching of Tollyjoy's Baby Day

Annual Dinner

Petronas Carigali Upstream Annual Dinner

Event venue : Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
Event theme : Movie Night

This was a very last minute job but we managed to pull it off. It gave us heart attacks but that is part and parcel of the job of party planning. The theme was movies superstar.

We are one of the best if not the best and annual dinner organisers in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We are also one of the best and top corporate event managers and corporate event planner in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Kami adalah event management company / syarikat pengatur cara majlis yang terbaik di Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor.

Me, my husband & son

Methodist College Orientation Ball / Annual Dinner

Sports Carnival Portfolio

Property Launch Portfolio

Carnivals Portfolio

Themed Birthday Parties 

Hawaiian Aloha Birthday Party, Nov 2014

Venue: La Grande, Mont Kiara
Date: 22 Nov 2014
Birthday" Alishya's 8th Birthday Party, daughter to Marketa & Marco

We organised everything from A-Z Our repeat clients the beautiful Marketa and Alishya. They asked for Hawaiian Party after seeing our previous work which was done and published in early October 2014. 

Nevertheless the host of the party requested to add on few water games and activities to keep the kids entertained. Other than the waterballs, they had pool slides, some beach games, magic show, a sand art section, a photobooth session using polaroid instant camera (so the kids can bring home their pictures with Alishya as a memento), air brush body painting, pyro art show by a dancer in native hula man outfit and ended with the cake cutting session. 

We enjoy doing work for them. Perhaps as a repeat client they understand us better in terms trust and capability to deliver - party planning, design and coordination of all third parties were arranged by us including the food and canopy.

We even had a non-alcohol beer for the kids with Alishya's custom party label (well kids these days i call it millenia kids, they feel better to be treated with due respect like adults too). At the age of 7 or 8 they already can state that they prefer non-childish party depicting cute stuffs like barbie doll or mickey mouse, can you imagine that?

Well lets see some snippets from our collection



Birthday Banner

Me (Mummy Fissa) putting on the coconut bra for the birthday girl's mummy Marketa

a day earlier during set up

entrance walkway decoration

Decorated seating area

Family seating area

main backdrop for cake cutting area

kids seating area - non alcoholic beer with ALishya's brand name

before party starts

our TIKIBAR set up - derived from our previous work

easily permutated by others once done

birthday backdrop design

ombre pink birthday cake - ALishya wanted an elegant cake instead

I hope she is in awe

cake cutting area

cake table

cake table decor

pina colada cupcake

family shot

group shot

Pocket notebook for instant polaroid picture insert

party box carrier

welcome shot

game time!

game conduct

coconut bowling game


Their tent

water games

water slide

splashing time!

ready to glide on the water surface


Alishya's poster

sand art section

photobooth area

safety guards included

water games

waiting for turn

Hot mommies club

baby hula pun ada

magic show session

kids seating

enchanting Alishya

just to poke fun - coconut bra!!!!

gorgeous hula girl with one of her guest

beautiful couple

Happy 8th Birthday ALishya

my son Danial

Plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else's work and lying about it afterward

Thalia's 4th Smurf Party

Date: 15 October 2011
Venue: Royal Selangor Golf Club, Jalan Tun Razak KL
Theme: The Smurf Party
Service delivered: Decoration, Face & body art for the kids, Colouring activity, Party pack, Party favor, Magic Show, Candy & dessert buffet
Birthday: Thalia, 3 years old

Got a call from Tg Jamidah, also rather a last minute request for her daughter's party. Had a quick meeting with her at the party venue a week before the D-Day, she requested for a Smurf theme.

Birthday poster

3d fondant birthday cake

registration counter

photo frame with personalised postcard as party favors

bubble play for everybody

yummy cake... when is the cake cutting time?

body art

body art station

Thalia had her body art done

my turn now!

all blue buffet

the banner

blue jello with fruit coctail

blueberry cheese tart, blue lime punch, blue cotton candy

suppose to be the mushroom houses

sweet mushroom house cake

play doh to replicate the Smurf's character

Im making the smurfette

Thalia and her friends

street magic - playcard tricks

pretty mummy by her adorable daughter

mummies can help out with play doh modelling

bubble play time

splashing time

Our magician - Aes

see my badge?

and the party is popped!!!
ready to sing the birthday song

candle blowing session

sing it out loud!

family picture

manja manja with granny

the guests

love the plate!


candy and dessert station

love these dessert

the youngest of all

Thalia and her Smurfette backpack, birthday gift from the organiser

play time friends!

my danial and his immediate friend

riding the whale

magic show for the adults

party favors to bring home

Tg Jamidah with one of the guests

cosy corner

The event went well and the host, Tg Jamidah was pretty happy with the celebration. It was a casual party, and the expectation was realistically delivered. After all, the kids had fun and everybody had a joyful time in a relaxed and intimate setting. Happy to get a client like this! Easy to work with and very realistic and considerate - i guess that she understands us better as she herself owns a service based business too...


Kami mengacarakan majlis perkahwinan anak Dr Abu. We arranged for the wedding of Dr Abu's son. It was a beautiful setting.


Penetron Annual Dinner 2016

Jutasama Chinese New Year Lunch 2016

Jutasama Annual Dinner 2016

Theme: Iman Airline, Putrajaya Lake Club, 8 May 2011

We were given the task to provide everything under the sun except for the F&B which was covered under the venue provider. The party was thrown for Iman, the first son of Captain Rasman and Khairunnisa, a lovely airlines couple. The party for Iman's 2nd birthday was held at Putrajaya Lake Club, Precint 8 which is only 5-minutes drive from their neighborhood, on 8th May 2011, on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon. 

The idea of working together really brought us to an interesting theme, which came from Captain Rasman – Iman Airline. Theme color was decided by Nisa, orange. As a teaser, we designed a dedicated invitation for Iman's party, which acts as the boarding pass of Iman Airline.

Total no of guests were 70 adults + 30 kids. Though the programme was jam packed with loads of activities and games that we prepared for a 'family fun day', the party went great and from their smiles and laughters... we could tell that all the guests and the hosts had soooo much joy during the party. 

We managed to make everybody got up from their seat and participate along with the kids, from musical chair, sand art coloring competition, pinata game to general knowledge quizzes apart from the indoor bouncer and a 10-foot pool ball pit along with the accessory toys such as baby/toddler walker, push-toys, magical ponyrides, sorting games etc which we brought in just to keep all the kids, babies and toddlers occupied and entertained. Clown and balloon show were also the order of the day.

the invitation aka boarding pass of Iman Airline to Iman's 2nd birthday party
check-in counter where kids obtain their party badge over here
candy buffet no 1
angin sepoi-sepot adds more drama... aduh!!
hot weather – the buttercream cake was melting
that we had to hide it inside the fridge first
while waiting for all guests to arrive
centerstage and birthday cake counter against
outstanding view of lake Putrajaya
most guests have arrived and anxiously waiting
for the party to officially kick start
party started off with mr and mrs host of the party
presenting the party packs to the kids
m.c. : adik-adik, please queue up, everybody will get one each
the joy of giving
ready to rumble the party, i'm all set with my party hat,
party badge, blower and mask on...

we had the 10ft ball pit pool to keep the kids and toddlers
entertained and occupied throughout the party duration
indoor bouncer adds more fun and popular among girl pre-schoolers

mr clown were also there stealing spotlight
by showing off his balloon crafting talent

all set for cake cutting ceremony

the crew is making sure everything goes well with the cake standee
surrounding the cake counter for candle blowing and cake cutting
captain iman diapit mummy & nenek
and the party popped!!!
a smiling guest

we allow parents to help out their young toddlers in sand art coloring competition

classic party game, the musical chair was competed with gutso by even the parents

a celebrity guest gives her special pose

tireless bouncy princesses
pinata game gets everybody off their seating
the aircraft was extremely stubborn to get down
against the blue sky and blue lake
two anxious kids checking out the direction to use the mini poppers
(one of party pack item)

mickey themed 2 tier fondant birthday cake

Iris' Birthday Party at Juempa D'Ramoe bungalow, captured by phone cam by one of the crew but still there were no pictures captured for the activities, the mascot appearance, the favors etc.

mr host in purple shirt mingled with the guests

party section is decorated with banners and mickey shaped heliums

play area by the poolside

toddlers love ball pit pool

mickey theme

More pictures coming up, there is still no pictures on the activities that we organised, such as face & nail tattoo at Minnie's Spa, the cat & mouse chasing game, pinata game etc.

Mohammad's 2nd Birthday Party.
Theme: Timmy Time
Date of event: 30 July 2011
Venue: Host's residence, KL

We were called by Puan Mazuin to come and see her to discuss about her 2nd son's birthday party, which she planned to invite the orphans from Rumah Amal Belaian Kasih, about a hundred of them - apart from her neighbours, close family and friends. Muhammad, 2 y/o, loooovvveeess to watch Timmy Time and there goes the party theme. We were asked to take care of everything, but due to time constraints and at the same time the party was going to be held on the last day before the puasa starts; i suggested to Mazuin to deal directly with the caterer and the canopy provider, less of logistic work on my end... and less liability. pheww!

We had various challenges from the beginning during the planning stage when i had a car accident on the day earlier, when i was on my way to do last minute purchase just down the road of my neighbourhood area, decor set up when we had to do it until midnight, and it was raining all night. The allocated party decor area was under the porch of her house - hundreds of balloons were arranged to make her blue coloured balloon arch. For the ball pit pool and set of slide and swing - we decided to place it at her front yard, to separate toddler's play-area from the game-activity area.

The event kicked off with Marhaban group after Dzuhur prayer time, followed by lunch and the party only starts at 2.30pm and lasted for about 3 hours. As requested, the MC starts off the party with doa selamat by the Ustaz from Rumah Amal Belaian Kasih. Then, all kids were called to collect their party bags from the host of the party, Puan Mazuin. Followed by classic party game conducted by the clown; musical chair, kids can also ask for the balloon sculptures from the clown. o close his session, the clown performed some magic tricks to the audiences. Everybody was entertained.

The cake cutting session was a blast, surrounded by these blessed anak-anak yatim, we can see the happiness shining through their face. The MC conducted other party games like Mummy Wrapping and Finders Keepers. Sand-art colouring was also part of the program. After all, three top winners of each game or activity were happy with their various winning prizes, and went home with a broad smile. Prizes were presented to winners by the host of the party, as a sign of sharing the joy of giving with everybody.

The party wrapped up at 6pm, the host of the party was happy, all kids were happy, the guests were happy, and what's most important to us is - the paymaster was satisfied and happy.

b'day poster

banner a

banner B



loud clown

timmy theme, the 3D figurine of the 4 kilos fondant b'day cake

all girls special sexy pose

3D cupcakes close up in timmy's theme

all lining up to get their party bags from the host of the party

musical timmy chair

Happy 2nd Birthday Muhammad!

balloon sculptures as one of the give-aways

Timmy cake

Mazuin & the birthday boy, Muhammad

cake close up

getting ready for candle blowing

with the clown

yummy timmy birthday cake

sand-art colouring competition

on the go girl

group photo

enjoy the show!

Date : 19 September 2011
Venue: The Club, Bukit Utama, Bandar Utama, PJ
Event: Nur Ain Syafiqah's 8th Pinky Princess Party

The phonecall from Puan Rohaya i received when i was still in dear hometown Kota Bharu, when i was off for Hari Raya Break. It's kinda last minute booking when i first was reluctant to undertake the job, however Puan Rohaya said she does not mind if I only send the clown for kid's activities. After several discussions with her and my righthand person Ira (whom i groomed to be a friendly face painting artist and the team manager), she agreed to handle this since i have another commitment at some other place.

We decided to do some decor, provide the party pack and favor, send the clown to organise games for the kids, send a photographer and for the activity session, Ms Ira takes care of the face painting session. Part of the decoration was set up on the night earlier, considering that the Team has to come down all the way from Shah Alam, and for logistic purpose.

On the D-day itself, birthday items were freshly picked up from the printer in the morning as we had only a day to come up with the design and send it for printing right away. 30 helium balloons added the scenes, forget about the hassle getting it in the afternoon time when through the jam packed traffic from Ampang to Damansara PJ (helium can last only for 6 hours).

Through these challenges, the Team managed to put up everything with the help of closest family members of Puan Rohaya, the host of the party. They even helped out the team to arrange the party bags accordingly before the guests starts coming. Thank you for being so understanding Puan!

The party went well, they played some games, they had colours on their faces, they sang, they had a great meal, the service from the venue provider was warm - Puan Rohaya and family had a great day and really enjoy the company of our Team throughout the party (from 1.30pm to 5.30pm). After all, I received an sms from Puan Rohaya thanking us for making up Nur Ain's 8th birthday party. She was really satisfied and had a bundle of joyous and memorable moments that she can't wait to see all the pretty pictures in PINK. It's another happy client, and that made up our day too.

What we learnt from here is the trust that we build between us and the client, that really makes a nice and fabulous party. She trust us to plan accordingly, she trust our design judgements and respect yet open for proposals, the venue provider does not give any problem to us, and there goes another blast! For the Team who worked so hard for all these, TQVM. To our third parties, the photographer and the clown, and to Ms Ira especially... But remember, for the things that i shared with you, its our trade secret, yeah...? Sssshhhhhhh....

Last but not least. Enjoy the pictures. The picture speaks itself!

A3 poster

birthday bunting

birthday badges

royal spa section

face painting @ Pinky Royal Spa

birthday girl, Nur Ain had her face painted by our friendly face painting artist cum Crew Manager

'Thank you'

last minute prep

party bag with personalised party badges

smiling clown

games session

princess with her oversized tiara

hosts mingling with guest

Predator ke Prince nih?

sorting the giveaways & party bags

happy siblings

princess birthday cake

princess of the day with her b'day cake

singing happy birthday to Nur Ain

prince and princess army

pinky princess party

anxiously waiting for their turn to get balloon sculptures from Mr Clown

the host of the party

helium balloons

party badge

on the night earlier

here comes the helium balloons

karaoke session

another request for balloon sculpture

activity session

cake cutting

sing-a-song by the princess

the guests

she had a great blast

gossiping or telling some secrets?

winning prizes

Nur Ain's 8th Pinky Princess Birthday Party
Iris Zahra's 3rd birthday bash @ Juempa D'Ramoe

Party date: June 11th, 2011
Party venue: Juempa D'Ramoe Poolside & Dining, off Jalan Maarof, Bangsar
Theme: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

our little Iris with her Mickey birthday cake

The party was scheduled to start at 11.30am on Saturday of June 11th, 2011. Rita, a lovely client to work with, had given us the full authority to handle the party from A to Z without any pressure from her. I like the fact that she is a professional client who trust us to work independently without any interference. The venue was proposed by us, set an intimate setting to her daughter's party. Themed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I had to spend my whole evening of the day before setting up the decor for the party area. From hanging banners, ornaments and posters of Mickey to candy buffet and centerstage decor, to the props for the outlined activities like Minnie Spa Station and treasure hunting in the pool of balls... There were so many things to do with sooo little time left.

A day before that, there came a surprise after i picked up Iris' 3D fondant cake themed Mickey Mouse clubhouse - i found out the base of that almost 5 kilo cake was terribly cracked and torn due to an emergency brake during my way back drive. Rushed straight to the bakery supply shop before it is closed at 6pm and bought a pack of pre-made fondant (lucky it only cost me around RM20), got home and had a round of experiment kneading with colour and flavoring... And finally the bottom base of Iris cake was perfectly fixed after 2 hours of critical time. I dare not to tell Rita or anyone before that, but she only knew when my husband told her about it after the party was over.

directional standee placed outside to lead guests to party area
Done with the decor and props setting at 8am on the party day, when home sekejap to mandi and get dress for the event. Balloon man Mustafa called at 8.30am informing me that all the heliums are ready for set up by then. Done on the helium. Managed to rest my eyes for about 20 minutes nap - On my way to D'Ramoe, i had to drive very slow (believe me it was 40km/hr) as I did not wish to go through all the kneading process at the very last minute ever again... Left my son Danial with my friend, Radziah at Bukit Bandaraya, he was still soundly asleep when Radziah's sister in law, Kak Long came to my car to carry him inside. Rita called and asked how was I doing and she is already there at the party place as early as at 10am.

Reached D'Ramoe at 11am, Rita, the photographer and my husband have reached there before me. The party started as scheduled - Ahmad my hubby as the MC and the Game Master brought colours to the gathering with his wits and charm, Mickey Mascot was there for an hour and a half, stupidly standing and looking thin and worn-out. Poor mickey... Anyway, the party was not affected by that, because we have tonnes of activities and games for kids to take part. And the Hotdog dance song was in the air all the way.

A Minnie Spa Station for the girls to do their nail and body art, a ball pit pool with hidden Mickey's merchandises for treasure hunting game, Musical chair and Cat & Mouse game where all participants were entitled for their small prizes individually... winning or losing, it does not really matter to these kids as long as the fun is there.

As the party went on and it came to an end at 2.30pm. For party favors, we prepared Mickey watches with helium balloons for the kids apart from take-away cotton candy and Mickey's fondant cupcakes (with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy's character on the cuppies). Kids were happy, host of the party was satisfied, we had a great time, and all the guests left the party with wide happy smiles in their faces. Noone seemed to be left out from this 2-hour-joyous-moment.

At almost 3pm, my baby Danial were there with his playmate Abang Dadam, Radziah and Kak Long. Many thanks to them for looking after Danial when mummy is busy planning and coordinating the party. Owhh, regret that they missed out the best part of the party coz my Danial himself is a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse programme, he does Hot Dog dance very well... Maybe next time Danial, when mummy is comfortable enough to have a dedicated sitter to look after you nanti... when you can start talking... Hehehe...

After final wrap up for the day, received an sms from the happy client - asking me to keep up the good work... Naahhh...! I'm flying and am on cloud 9...

I am still awaiting for Siti (Rita's photographer) to share Iris' birthday picture with me, i think she is not done yet as she seemed busy when i peeked her from the FB world. Once the pictures are obtained, i will upload as our past portfolios...k?

Salam 1 Malaysia?

with loves and regards,
Mummy Fissa

Iris' Birthday Party at Juempa D'Ramoe bungalow, captured by phone cam by one of the crew but still there were no pictures captured for the activities, the mascot appearance, the favors etc.

mr host in purple shirt mingled with the guests

party section is decorated with banners and mickey shaped heliums

play area by the poolside

toddlers love ball pit pool

mickey theme

mickey themed 2 tier fondant birthday cake

More pictures coming up, there is still no pictures on the activities that we organised, such as face & nail tattoo at Minnie's Spa, the cat & mouse chasing game, pinata game etc.

Date: 1st October 2011
Venue: Perdana View Condo Poolside, Damansara Perdana PJ
Birthday Celebrants' names: Farhan (8 years old) & Arissa (Turning 1)

Intan, a lawyer whose firm is in Subang called me for a quote for her kid's double birthday celebration. Farhan, his first son was turning 8 while her princess, Arissa was turning 1. I went to reccee her place in the evening of a weekday, she seems tired after going through the jam pack hour on her way home but the meeting still went well. She left it up to me to be creative in terms of the party layout.

Since the poolside of her place has this gazebo with a spectacular view, i suggested her to make use of the gazebo as the birthday centerstage area. Without much hesitation, she easily agreed with no objection. The only thing that she requested from me in terms of concept idea is to use RED as the primary colour for the party.

Angry Bird was the theme that her son decided to go with. We provided the candy buffet, party decoration, a face painting artist, a bundle of party games like The Poisonous Evil Green Pig Head, Musical Chair, Down To Earth Tournament, Angry Bird's Colouring Activity and also a ball pit pool for the toddlers. Our Game Master, Abang Awang brought spike to the party with his wits and celoteh, there were alot of prizes given to the kids throughout the party. All Angry Bird's merchandise...

After all, everybody seems happy and entertained, not just the kids but also the adults... How they wished they could also take part in some of the party games that we organised rather than just being the audience, hmm... it seemed so like that. The party went well, she was happy and gave us a big hug with a big thanks. It felt nice to be appreciated, and when someone said thanks to us for all the effort that we put into. I call it courtesy with class! It doesn't apply to all human beings. Some have it, some don't.



adorable Intan and her pretty princess


abang awang - our game master

farhan ready to giveaway the party pack to all kids

poolside setting


singing the birthday song to Farhan


game conduct

Poisonous Evil Green Head

Painting and Colouring section

Solving the Angry Bird's puzzle

white and black canopy adds simplicity to her RED coloured party

The buffet setting

happy kids - we want more! we want more!

Iman's 2nd Birthday Bash @ Putrajaya Lake Club on May 11th, 2011

To Nisa,

I know i still owe you a photo-album, sorry that it took me some time, i am booked almost every weekend since your son's party that i have no time for work on photo-retouching anymore (i also have stopped taking pictures myself due to time constraints). These are some of the pictures of your son's event which i already touched up digitally... Ada banyak lagi tau dear. Once semua dah ready i will courier to your home address.

Nik Ammar 1st Birthday Party at Monumen, Putrajaya 2nd July 2011

Party theme: Madagascar
Davina's 1st Birthday
Venue: One Menerung, Bangsar

Deliverable: Dessert Buffet

It was a fun party despite the last minute booking from the planner and the small table that we were given to display such a varied desserts, in the end everything look slightly cramped, though everything gone by the end of the party, including my display plush toys.... It was like a mini carnival, and the generous host even asked the guests not to bring any gift but some donation to a selected charity body. Kids were thrilled with the presence of a group of Madagascar's character mascots. Danial had a fun time (again)...

We are one of the top party planners and top event managers in Malaysia.

Our son Danial being chased by the mascots
Our son Danial admiring the deco
The king of the jungle to welcome the kids
Mini pavlovas

Our cramped dessert jungle
Spray paint art
The clumsy clown
Photo booth area

Thanks Tiffany for calling us!

Nice one

Venue: Ampang Sports Planet
Date: 13 June 2015
Theme: Football Champions Chelsea Liverpool In Action

Venue: Marmalade, Publika
Date: 2 Sep 2015
Theme: Duck

birthday party package kl
birthday party decoration malaysia

kids birthday deco malaysia